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We offer Pay Per Click Courses

Pay per click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is a mode of digital marketing that directs traffic to websites. Websites often display banner ads as a form of PPC advertising. However, unlike organic traffic, PPC traffic comes at a cost. Brands have to pay the website or search engine for each click on their advertisement. One popular form of PPC is search engine advertising, also known as search marketing (SEM). Following the best practices of PPC can improve conversion rates and boost site rankings. This method brings an audience to a platform through paid marketing. In our PPC courses, we focus on generating paid traffic and teach students how to create effective advertisements. We also offer advanced PPC courses for professionals and job-seekers at affordable prices.

To be the professional certified AdWords trainer, you need to crack at least two AdWords exams. In our course, we motivate the aspirants in a way to become a strong candidate for the AdWords with the superior knowledge of the same.

Uses of Adwords Certifications

Who needs PPC Training?

1. Advertising and Marketing Professionals who wants to explore their knowledge base Students
2. fresher’s who wants to build career in adwords campaign management
3. Working people in Sales as a Business Development Professional
4. Entrepreneurs who want to sell their products and services on immediate basis

How Google use Adwords for Promotions

Major search engines like Google and Bing offer businesses and individuals the opportunity to appear at the top of their search results through paid listings, alongside the non-paid search results. In Google AdWords, advertisers place bids based on their marketing strategy. They determine how much they want to pay for each click, and higher bids increase the chances of appearing at the top of search results. However, it's important to note that bidding more doesn't necessarily guarantee the top position. Another factor called the quality score also plays a role in determining your ranking. Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have also adopted the pay-per-click model as part of their advertising options.

Pay Per Click Mechanism Training

The PPC advertising model can be both beneficial and risky for advertisers. It can be advantageous when running promotional offers or schemes. For example, if a website visit costs $2 and results in a $200 sale, the brand makes a substantial profit. However, it's crucial to have a strong marketing strategy to ensure that the cost of PPC does not exceed the sales. Bidding should be approached cautiously since overbidding can result in significant losses for the company. Hence, there are various training institutes that offer SEM courses. These classes help businesses and industries achieve positive outcomes from their PPC campaigns and avoid potential losses.

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Ashwini Bhiware

SEO Executive

"Placed through DecodeFusion. I have joined for advanced digital marketing training. DecodeFusion goes out of its way in ensuring that every student understands what is being taught to them in class. The trainers are not only well experienced but also reaches down to the level of understanding of the students."

Sayali Raskar

DM Executive

"Working in company. Placed through DecodeFusion. A DecodeFusion is the Best way to learn about digital marketing, not only learn but also getting a good experience of live project, work and exciting task for developing knowledge."

Aditya Pasare

DM Executive

"Got the Job. Best coaching institute. Friendly environment. Excellent training institute. Very kind & supportive staff. It has been a good experience for me in terms of learning and developing my skills."

Snehal Kokewar


"Best Digital Marketing Institute in Nagpur, India. If you want to make career in digital marketing you must join DecodeFusion. I have always been passionate about studying digital marketing since my college days. DecodeFusion has helped me to fulfil my dream."

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